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Waldorf Education

Teachers in the Sun Trillium is interested in bringing the philosophy of Waldorf education to Deaf children, the Deaf community and educators of the Deaf.

Interpreted teacher training programs and parent education classes are offered in Sebastopol, CA and through Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, CA. Previous trainings have included a two-week summer intensive on the Waldorf Approach to Early Childhood Education, doll making classes, interpreted parent education lectures and an ongoing Early Childhood and Nurturing Arts 1 year program.

Three Women TeachersIndividuals or organizations interested in pursuing Waldorf training in Early Childhood or attending a summer workshop should contact Rudolf Steiner College as soon as possible to allow for funding and interpreter arrangements as well as the opportunity to advertise in advance for interpreted courses.

See Events page for courses, which are currently planning to offer interpreters for Deaf participants.

To chat with Deaf teachers who have been involved in the Waldorf training, contact us and we will forward your request to former participants.

To learn more about Waldorf education check out the websites under Links.

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