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Working in the areas of Education, the Arts and Social Responsibility, Trillium Deaf Program is striving to access Waldorf education for families of the Deaf community and Deaf children whose educational options in these times remain bleak.

Trillium seeks to bring an artistic and spiritual impulse to Deaf education and to encourage Waldorf educators to take responsibility to mentor Deaf teachers in this endeavor.

In an effort to bridge the gap between Deaf and Hearing cultures, Trillium supports and organizes social, educational and artistic programs promoting Deaf culture, language and performing arts.

The mission of D.E.A.F. (Deaf Elite Athlete Federation, a new division of Trillium) is to facilitate improved communication and enthusiasm in school age Deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) children engaged in mainstream sports related activities through sign language support of coaches, team members and peer athletes.

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